Overseas Merchandise Inspection Co. India Pvt. Ltd.,

Commodity Inspection

Inspection services of agricultural products: Inspection/Supervision generally covers all commodities especially Rice, Wheat, Sugar, Tapioca Products, Maize, Soyabean meal/ Rapeseed meal, Pulses/Beans, Tea, Coffee beans, Cashew, Oils & Fats, Onions, Potatoes, Jute, etc.

Inspection services of Chemicals and Allied Products: Inspection/Supervision covers all industrial Chemicals, Dyes, Paints & Pigments, Water Purification Chemicals, Stabilizers, Emulsifiers, Pharmaceutical Products, and Agrochemicals.
Our activities include:

  • Supervision of weight.
  • Sampling and quality inspection including analysis of physical & chemical parameters.
  • Inspection of packing & marking condition.
  • The vessel holds/containers cleanliness survey.
  • Draft survey.
  • Tally & damage survey.
  • Supervision of loading and unloading.
  • Bagging supervision & weight standardization for bulk imports.

Overseas Merchandise Inspection Co. India Pvt. Ltd.,

Engineering Inspection

Professionally qualified and experienced inspectors provide quality assurance services at all stages relating to the manufacture of Plant & Machinery, Equipment, and tools. The ambit of our surveillance commences from the material stage and extends to include various process, sub-assembly, final assembly & performance/characteristics tests.
We attend to the following types of Machinery & Equipment :

  • Processing Machinery for Textiles, Rubber, Tea, Cement, Plastics, Packaging and printing industries.
  • Steel Plant Items: Induction/Arc Furnaces, Rolling Mills, Tube Mills, Coke Ovens.
  • Material Handling: EOT Cranes, Vibrating Screens, Reach Stackers, Conveyors.
  • Rotary Drives: Gearboxes, Pumps, Blowers, Centrifugal compressors.
  • Electrical: Cables, Circuit breakers, Transformers, Motors, Generators.
  • Chemical Plants : Pressure vessels, Reactors, Filter press, Condensers.
  • Miscellaneous : Valves, Tubulers, Hardware, Structurals & Fasteners.

Overseas Merchandise Inspection Co. India Pvt. Ltd.,

Governmental Inspection

Government Mandatory Inspection (also called PSI) is a service provided by Overseas Merchandise Inspection Co. India Pvt. Ltd., to some governments in IRAN, BANGLADESH, and UZBEKISTAN

PSI consists of the verification of the quantity, quality, and export market price of the goods being exported. PSI requires the inspection company to verify the value for customs purposes, to determine the accuracy of the tariff codes classification and to then calculate the corresponding duties and taxes payable.

In India, Overseas Merchandise Inspection Co. India Pvt. Ltd., is providing these PSI services being associated as a member of the Overseas Merchandise Inspection Co. India Pvt. Ltd., Group of Companies.

Overseas Merchandise Inspection Co. India Pvt. Ltd., currently handles the following PSI contracts for the following countries: Iran, Bangladesh, and Uzbekistan being under OMIC - Tokyo’s direct contract.

Overseas Merchandise Inspection Co. India Pvt. Ltd.,

Marine Survey

Overseas Merchandise Inspection Co. India Pvt. Ltd., Marine Services staff undertakes the following surveys that cover Ship and Cargo Surveying and Container Inspection :

  • Vessel - General Condition Surveys
  • On/Off Charter Surveys - All marine vessels
  • Vessel /Container/ Cargo Damage Surveys
  • On Hire/Off Hire Surveys
  • Draft and Deadweight surveys
  • Hold, Hatch and Tank Cleanliness Surveys
  • Load-Out Surveys
  • Bunker R.P.B Surveys
  • Container Inspection Surveys
  • Container On/Off Hire Inspections
  • Container- Checking and verifying repairs
  • Cargo Outturn and Break Bulk Surveys
  • Cargo Superintendence
  • Cargo Measurement Surveys
  • Ullaging and Tank Gauging

Our Prestigious Clients

Mitsui & Co. Ltd. Japan
Mitsubishi Corp. Ltd. Japan
Sumitomo Corpn. Ltd. Japan
Kanematsu Corpn. Ltd. Japan
Marubeni Corporation Japan
Peter Cremer Gmbh & Co. Germany
Toepfer International - Asia Pte. Ltd. Singapore
CVG International U.S.A
Australian Wheat Board Australia
Nissho Iwai Corporation Japan
Nichimen Corporation Japan
Itochu Corporation Australia
C.W.E. Colombo Srilanka
Concordia Agri Trading Pte. Ltd. Singapore
Peter Cremer Gruppe Singapore
Bunge Agri Business Pte. Ltd. Singapore
Louis Dreyfus Asia Pte. Ltd. Singapore
Noble Grain Singapore
Starcom Resources Pte. Ltd. Singapore
Agrocorp International Pte. Ltd. Singapore

OMIC - Tokyo

Half a century of internationally accumulated experience has seen OMIC become an authorized testing and analytical agency used by numerous trade-related organizations and foreign governments.

Website : www.omicnet.com

Overseas Merchandise Inspection Co. India Pvt. Ltd., makes full use of its professionals, global network and advanced infrastructure for attending to inspection services in the field of agricultural and consumer products, minerals and chemicals, plants and machinery consultancy.

OMIC Network

OMIC’s worldwide office network handles and controls all activities at work sites. Each main office is supported by several subsidy offices located at major cities and ports within the country of operation.

For example, OMIC Korea in Seoul also controls 8 local offices.

ASIA : Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.
AMERICA : Canada, U.S.A
AUSTRALIA : Australia
EUROPE : England